Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage

30 Minutes- $50                  60 Minutes- $75           90 Minutes- $100

Regina's signature work integrates a blend of techniques and modalities to meet  her clients' individual needs. It is possible that a client's session may include any of the following: Breath work, guided meditation, massage applications ranging in pressure from light to deep, trigger point or myfascial work, and passive or active stretching.

This work promotes the cornerstone benefits of massage: Decreased muscle tension and fascial restriction patterns, relief from the effects of stress and pain, enhanced circulation, improved range of motion, and a sense of overall wellbeing and relaxation.


Hot Stone Massage

60 Minutes- $85                   90 Minutes- $110

Smooth stones are heated, oiled, and applied to the body in long gliding strokes to create the "melting" sensation of this modality is adored for. The added heat and weight of the stones amplifies the effects of the massage session. 
*For this reason, hot stone work may be contraindicated for those who are pregnant or those with inflammatory or cardiovascular conditions. If either situation applies to you, please consult with the therapist before booking your appointment.*

Hot Stone Massage
Stones on Foot
Reflexology Therapy


30 Minutes- $50                   60 Minutes- $75                   90 Minutes- $100

Based upon the belief that points on the hands and feet correlate to specific areas of the body, the therapist manipulates these points as a way to indirectly treat the rest of the body. This beautifully relaxing treatment is non-invasive, yet highly effective in bringing balance and an overall sense of wellbeing.

This type of massage is particularly good for clients who are unable to receive touch to the other parts of their bodies, or who are otherwise uncomfortable with full-body massage.

Pregnancy Massage

30 Minutes- $50                   60 Minutes- $75                   90 Minutes- $100

What a way to rejoice in the wonder of this transformative process! You can feel safe receiving bodywork from a therapist specially trained in this modality, and who possesses her Advanced Certification in prenatal massage. 

Regular massage during pregnancy and the postpartum period has been proven to have many benefits. Experiencing positive therapeutic touch is one of the best methods for relieving the physical discomforts of pregnancy. During this time of so many changes, massage therapy is shown to aid in coping with stress and fatigue, learning self-care techniques, preparing for labor, and connecting with the life developing within.

Prenancy in White

Corporate Chair Massage

Please contact Regina for rates

Relaxing, portable, and greatly beneficial. An option for employers as a way of boosting employee health, morale, and productivity, or as an attractive service at a party or special event. A chair specially designed for  providing massage is used, with the client fully clothed.

Add-On Services

Foot Scrub Treatment        $15

Say goodbye to dull, dry skin and hello to soft & refreshed feet! An invigorating treatment utilizing an exfoliating salt scrub & hot towels is followed by the application of ultra-moisturizing foot cream.

Aromatherapy        $5

Choose from an assortment of single-note or blended essential oils. The Young Living company sets the highest quality standards in the industry with their Seed-to-Seal growing and processing practices. Essential oils are known for their individual qualities specific to the plant & plant parts they are made from. They are a great way of enhancing both the sensory and therapeutic experience of a massage session.

Image by Kelly Sikkema