Who I Am & What I Do

From my first-ever therapeutic massage I received, I knew "this is what I want to do!" Shorty thereafter, I made the career change from nursing to enrolling in the Massage Therapy Program at North Country Community College in 2011. Yogic aspects of body awareness, the importance of breathing and movement, and compassionate positive regard for others were integral components within our program. Foundational massage training in Swedish technique, orthopedic, prenatal, hot stone massage, and reflexology were covered, as well as introductory study in Eastern modalities such as Thai and Shiatsu massage.


I am of the belief that there is a strong body-mind-spirit connection, and I do my best to help my clients find their own balance. This applies whether I'm conducing massage therapy sessions or yoga classes. I would describe my personal style of work as being very integrative; Each session/class is tailored to meet the needs of the client, based upon intuition and my knowledge of physiology and indicated techniques.


Since becoming NYS licensed in Massage Therapy in 2014, I've enjoyed facilitating my clients' discovery of therapeutic massage as a mode of connection and healing.  I have kept my yoga practice private since being introduced to yoga in 2011. This was until recently, when I decided to pursue my certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher. I completed my vinyasa yoga teacher training with Driftwood Yoga in Clayton, NY in the Summer of 2019. 


For me, it has been the synergy of bodywork, physical movement, mindfulness, breath awareness, and meditation which has facilitated a profound change in my own life. Teachers and bodywork professionals I choose to learn from also possess a holistic perspective in regard to human health. If this philosophy sounds compatible with your own perspective and values, then I believe we could accomplish wonderful things and I'd love to work with you!