Massage Therapy for Wellness:

Treating the Whole Person

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   Services & Rates


   Swedish Massage ~This soothing style of massage is oriented towards promoting relaxation and well-being, as well as decreasing stress. Benefits include improved circulation of blood and lymph throughout the body, warming the soft tissue, decreased muscle tension, increased elimination of wastes, improved sleep, relief from mental-emotional fatigue, improved immune function,

and greater connectivity with oneself. (Half hour $40, One hour $65, 90 minutes $90)

   Deep Tissue Massage ​~A more targeted approach to relieving specific musculoskeletal complaints, with the use of deep pressure and consequently slower strokes. Communication between client

and therapist is essential as various techniques are used to "melt" through layers of tissue. Some discomfort may be expected as changes occur in the body, but no work should ever be performed outside

of the client's pain tolerance. To avoid next-day soreness, it is important to be well-hydrated before and after treatment, so that toxins & metabolites released during treatment may be flushed out of the body more effectively.  (One hour $65, 90 minutes $90)

   Hot Stone Massage ~During this detoxifying treatment, rounded, smooth basalt stones are heated and applied to the body. The therapist uses both stone placement techniques, as well as incorporation of 

the stones into Swedish-style strokes. The extra heat adds a greater level of relaxation, as well as enhances all the same benefits of a Swedish massage.

(One hour $75, 90 minutes $100)

   Reflexology ~Based upon the belief that points on the hands and feet correlate to specific areas of the body, the therapist manipulates these points as a way to indirectly treat the rest of the body. This beautifully relaxing treatment is non-invasive, yet highly effective in bringing balance and an overall sense of well-being. This type of massage is particularly good for clients who are unable 

to receive touch to the other parts of their bodies, or who are otherwise uncomfortable with full-body massage. (Half hour $40, One hour $65)

   Prenatal Massage ~You can feel safe receiving bodywork from a therapist specially trained in this modality, and who possesses her Advanced Certification in prenatal massage. Regular massage during pregnancy and the postpartum period has been proven to have many benefits. A massage session is a beautiful way to take time to rejoice in the wonder of this transformative process, and is one of 

the best methods for relieving the physical discomforts of pregnancy. During this time of so many changes, massage therapy is shown to aid in coping with stress and fatigue, learning self-care techniques, preparing for labor, and connecting with the life developing within. (Half hour $40, One hour $65, 90 minutes $90)

   ​Chair Massage~ Relaxing, portable, and greatly beneficial. An option for employers as a way of boosting employee health, morale, and productivity, or as an attractive service at a party or special event. A chair specially designed for  providing massage is used, with the client fully clothed. (Please contact for rates.)

    Traveling/ At-home Massage- ​Are you hoping to avoid traveling? Are you staying in a place too nice to leave? Are you and your group struggling to coordinate travel & time arrangements to all receive massage? Enjoy the convenience of services brought directly to your home or lodging accommodations. I supply everything necessary for the session (music, linens, oil, etc.) and all I require is enough space to set up and move around my 72"x 28' table. A space at least 6'x 10' would be ideal. (Please contact for rates. Discounts available for groups.)

​   Foot Scrub Treatment~ Say goodbye to dull, dry skin and hello to soft & refreshed feet! An invigorating treatment utilizing an exfoliating scrub & hot towels is followed by the application of ultra-moisturizing foot cream. ​($15)

​   Paraffin Wax Dips~ Hands and/or feet are cleansed and dipped into aromatic paraffin wax. This luxurious treatment warms, softens, and aids in exfoliating the skin. Great for stiff, aching hands or those suffering from arthritis. (Hands OR feet $10, Hand AND feet $15)

   Aromatherapy~ Choose from an assortment of single-note or blended essential oils. Essential oils are known for their individual therapeutic qualities, and are a great way of enhancing the sensory experience of a massage session.($5)                 


 Sometimes individuals are unsure of what type of massage he or she needs. We will always take the time to study your habits and determine what level of pressure, temperature, and motion is best suited 

for your somatic condition. Everyone is different (often from one day to the next) and that is why we use a client-based approach to formulate appropriate treatment plans.

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