Massage Therapy for Wellness:

Treating the Whole Person

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ladies' spa party special

We all know how life fills right up with obligations and chore lists, and before we know it, time is slipping by at an incredible rate. As fulfilling as a full schedule can be, let's not forget to make time for winding down. We are best able to care for others when we ourselves are well cared for! 

Services available are geared toward flexibility. Your group has the option of chair massage OR table massage. 

Chair massage rates are one dollar per minute, the best option for groups larger than 8 individuals.
Table massage is available for groups with up to 8 individuals. One half-hour session per person at a rate of $40. 

There is something so uplifting and therapeutic about spending time among friends. Seek out those individuals in your life who enrich you, lift you up, whose company you enjoy! A night of quality conversation, relaxing beverages, healthy snacks, and MASSAGE is a perfect way to leave you and your guests feeling recharged and rejuvenated.
Massage therapy is a great addition to your event, whether your group is planning a weekend trip at a getaway location, or a casual night in. Some ladies choose to create a spa-themed night for themselves, which can be fun. (Some activity ideas: self manicures & pedicures, facials, DIY skin or hair treatments, etc.)

Coupons for discounts on future sessions given to every person in attendance! Please contact Regina with any questions or scheduling concerns.

                                                                             *HOSTESS SPECIAL*

For a hostess able to throw a party with at least 4 guests, her 30 minutes of massage are FREE!